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  • Woodroffe, Sir John (Madras: Genesh & co, 1918-12-01)
    born resistance which India makes against Western innovations. And why should •She not, seeing that, rightly ^ or wrongly, the bulk of the ancient peoples of “the East have never admitted the moral superiority of ...
  • Allana, G. (The Department of International Relations, University of Karachi, 1947-08-15)
    About two years ago I began my work on the biography of Quaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of our Nation. I looked around for books on our struggle for freedom, particularly old ones, which are now out of ...
  • Husain, Dr. S. Sajjad (N. Mahmood for Orient Longmans Ltd., 1962-06-08)
    This book, which consists of a collection of essays by distinguished scholars, is an attempt to provide for the general reader a Jbroad survey of East Pakistan’s geography, history,- social life and culture. We hope it ...
  • The Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi (The Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi, 1971-08-12)
    This collection of documents is intended to provide to the world a primary source of information on developments pertaining to the crisis that overtook East Bengal in March 1971. The crisis involves the destiny of 75 ...

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