Other Facilities in BPATC Library

Reading Room: There is a well decorated and furnished general reading room in the first floor of the library. Reference books and other extensively used books are available in this reading room.

Faculty Reading Room: There is a reading room reserved for faculty members in the first floor besides the general reading room.

Journal Room: There is a journal room in the second floor of the library.

Reference Room: Reference room is located at first floor of the library which is open for all. It has rich collection of 135 titles of encyclopedias.

Newspaper Room: The daily news papers are kept in the ground floor next to the reception desk.

Coffee Corner: There is a coffee corner located at the premises of library building. Readers can have coffee and snacks in the coffee corner.

Computer Lab: A mini computer lab is located at first floor of the library building for browsing, downloading and printing.

Reference Services: BPATC library has a very rich collection. More than 135 titles of encyclopedias are available in the library. In addition to these, a huge number of reference-related books are also available. The library staff is committed to response to the queries to check various reference citations for the readers.

Language Lab: Two modern language laboratories are equipped with all sorts of audio and video support and computer facilities to help participants in language learning. The two laboratories together can accommodate 80 participants at a time.

Others: In addition, BPATC library, on and often, supports conducting online training sessions, video conferences by providing multimedia, large screens and other modern equipment.